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Kronick Enterprises, LLC

We design and create seo-optimized websites that people want and love. 

We build passive income websites that bring their owners freedom.

We dream BIG.

A Digital World

We recognize that the world is changing and so is the world of work. This has created unique opportunities never before available. And we are seizing these opportunities.

Forward Thinking

We believe in dreaming big. We want to give people what they want. This is why we create designs and websites that are unique, attractive and exciting for users.

Problem Solvers

We find a problem and create a solution. Specifically, we find gaps in the supply and demand between what people are looking for and what is available. We then give people what they want.

Creating Value

Many people say it, but we live it. Everything we do must benefit the world in some way. We are committed to ensuring every endeavor we engage in is a win-win. Period.

Richard Kronick


Sugar Kronick

Co-founder & President

Don't Be Shy

Drop us a line anytime, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.